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Calendar 2016

Calendar of 2016 with some Finnish holidays and my own art.

First ever time trying to make something like this​

It wasn't bound together in any way and all of the pages had only one hole at the top so they could be hung on the wall


Calendar 2019

Third time designing my own calendar and added marks for myself for where to cut to bind the calendar.

All the sheets have the same look on them, only colours and art varies. 


Book calendar

Book calendar for my friend. She wanted a specific type of calendar in which she could plan the classes she was teaching.

It was not my first time making notebooks, but it was first time designing a calendar in this way.

WhatsApp Image 2019-11-24 at

Pullover hoodie

This is a design that I drew for my churches club leaders. It has lots of elements that we felt suited the idea. For example, a clock is very important for the club to start and end on time and so much more!


There were many stages on this project. First, we gathered all together and thought about making these hoodies. After that, we thought about things that resembled the various clubs we were leading. After that, we decided who should draw the design. I happened to be the one.

I started out by sketching out everything and thinking about how to make it all work together. We liked the idea of the elements forming a tree and so I sketched out some trees as well. We ended up choosing the one in the pictures.


Rest of the project was easy. I had to outline the sketch on white digitally and submit it.


The hoodies were printed on different colours on everyone's preferences.



Commissioned emotes made for twitch streamer rinuggie. [Name has changed since]


Calendar 2018

Calendar of 2018 with a watercolour look and my own art.


Second time designing my own calendar but first time binding it like an actual calendar.

unnamed (1).jpg

Calendar 2020

Fourth time designing my own calendar. Binded to a plastic binder. First time binding double sided.


Board game

The YouTube Game is a board game that I designed with a help of few of my friends. It's made for personal use and not for selling.


It has some features from Monopoly such as the shape of the board and the idea of multiple card decks.


We playtested it with a group of people and found some things that needed to be fixed but other than that it's a board game!


The help of my friends came when I was designing the cards. On many occasions I ran into roadblocks but with their help, I overcame those problems.


Pins, keychains and stickers

I made some stickers, keychains and stickers to sell at a christmas market 2018. Check out the shop!


Colouring pages

Colouring pages drawn in procreate. Click on me to download!

(opens a drive file that you can download)



starting soon

starting soon

a starting soon screen for my twitch. 2020



a practice animation from 2017

An animation about a dog that yearns for a treat. Made for school in 2018

Flamey for challenge of the month by jazza in 2018

An animation about my character yanis

A short gif inspired by the lights spinning on my car window

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