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who am i?

I'm a 23 years old lady from Finland named Noora. My favourite things to do are creating things such as art, playing video games and chilling with my cats. I currently study visual design in Oulu university of applied sciences. My commissions are open.

I'm very passionate about animations and other ways of storytelling although I very rarely share my stories. My current big project is a comic that I want to make into books. I also like to create things like notebooks and calendars as well as other things. 


Image by Adam Solomon

email me

Do you need to email me? Questions, commissions, broken products...? Here's my email!

Image by Karsten Winegeart

more photos

You can find more of my photos on instagram and deviantart.

Image by TheRegisti

more videos

You can find more of my videos on youtube and twitch.

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