I do some commissions of pets and portraits.

A few notes.

- I have the right to decline a commission if I see that it's not suitable for me.

- When commissioning, be ready to pay half of the price beforehand as a deposit.

- If the commission is cancelled by the buyer, the deposit will not be returned.


How does this work?


-Send me an email with the photo that you would like drawn along with the size of the drawing and if you would like it in colour or black and white.

-I will return to you with an approximate of time when I will be available to work on your drawing along with the prices of that drawing.

-You can now choose if you want to commission me or not. If you choose to commission me, I will send you the paying information that you will need.

- I will start working on the drawing when I see the deposit on my bank account. Expect me to return to you by email from time to time with an update.

Notice that I might have a few other commissions. This is why I give an estimated time when I'll be able to work on your commission.


Digital portraits


Digital commissions A4 ~20e

Traditional commission A4 with colour 30e

Traditional commission A5 with colour 20e

Traditional commission A4 black&white 40e

Traditional commission A5 black&white 30e

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