Doge - 2017

Animating - A passion

I have a passion for animations and animating. Ever since I was maybe 12 years old I have been interested in animation. I watched many classic animated movies such as lion king and cinderella, but my first contact into animating and the idea of making animations came from a finnish youtube series called Nana johtajan tytär by Tydii. I started trying some animations after seeing so many of them and being fascinated about the process.


These were some of my earliest animations. There were some even earlier and jankier but they are lost to time. So this is it, the starting point. Ever since I have been doing some little animations every now and then.

My goal is to learn more and more about animation and to do that I learn from real life. How there's different movements, a little life in everything.

Treat, an animation made for arts class in 2018

Flamey dance, made for Jazzas challenge of the month. 2018

Yanis. Thought about making a start screen for twitch. 2020

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